THE HAUMĀNA is an independent feature film produced in Hawai`i.

*Haumāna n. Students, pupils. Perhaps lit., to lay before one (hau) a ball of masticated food (māna)


Jonny Kealoha is the charismatic host of a struggling Waikiki Polynesian lū`au show. To everyone’s surprise, including his own, he is appointed as the successor to a high school boy’s hula class when his former Kumu Hula (master hula teacher) passes away. He becomes as much a student as a teacher through the demands of leading the boys to a significant cultural event and rediscovers the sanctity of the culture he had previously abandoned.

With choreography and cultural consulting by Robert Cazimero, Lanakila Casupang, Maelia Loebenstein-Carter and Kaipo Hale

Studio Hula Nation Filmworks


Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival – Audience Award (Narrative Feature)

Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival – Special Jury Award – Best First Feature

Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival – Grand Jury Award (Nominated)

Hawaii International Film Festival – Audience Award (Narrative Feature)

CAAM Fest – Jury Award (Nominated)

Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival – Audience Award (Narrative Feature)

Orlando Film Festival – Best Film (Nominated)

Orlando Film Festival – Best Ensemble Cast (Nominated)

Big Island Film Festival – Audience Award (Narrative Feature)

Big Island Film Festival – Best Hawai`i Feature (Nominated)

Wairoa Māori Film Festival – Best International Indigenous Film

Starring Tui Asau, Tauarii Nahalea-Marama, JD Tanuvasa, Cedric Jonathan, Christopher Latronic, Saitia Faaifo, Buddy Martin, Uluwehiikawekiuokalani Keaunui, Mary Pa`alani, Marlene Sai, and Kelly Hu as “Linda, the Bartender”

Directed By Keo Woolford

Written By Keo Woolford

Produced By Caleb Lucero, Keo Woolford, Sky Yim – Executive Producers: Keo Woolford, Roni/Shannon Yurong, Mike Galmiche, Samuel/Bernice Alama, George Hill, Todd Tajiri, James Barros, Sky Yim and Co-Exectuve Producers: David/Akiko Kipper
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